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Santa Maria Imports LLC

Established in early 2012, Santa Maria Imports (SMI) LLC reflects the experience and expertise of the wine and spirits industry veteran, David G. Eber, Founder of SMI and President, of HG Wine & Spirits, in New York.

Our essential mission at Santa Maria Imports is to achieve an optimal combination of large wholesale distribution leverage with hands-on, grass-roots brand building capabilities at both the tactical and strategic levels. To that end, we at Santa Maria Imports offer our offices— namely Miami and New York—staff and warehousing infrastructure in key U.S. markets for premium spirits and fine estate-bottled wines from around the world.

Santa Maria Imports also has strong, established distribution in Texas, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, among other markets, and more states to come. Santa Maria’s founder David Eber possesses a deep understanding of and respect for diverse European and Latin cultures and best-in-class American business practices.

Our enterprise and in our daily work, we strive to maintain, develop and nurture long-term partnerships with both our suppliers and our U.S. distributor partners, and all our on- and off-premise customers.

David G. Eber Biography

David G. Eber is a third-generation member in the wine and spirits business. Born and raised in Rochester, New York, David entered his family’s New York State distribution business and quickly assumed strong sales experience in the company’s senior management.

David’s record of building, nurturing and growing great brands is proven, having previously helped launch and promote during his career Belvedere, Chopin and Svedka vodka brands, Hypnotiq Liqueur, Mionetto Prosecco, Ron Zacapa, Vendange California varietal wine line and Cuvelier Los Andes premium estate-bottled wines from Argentina, among others. Until 2004, at Eber Bros. Wine & Spirits, he served as Vice President; then at Southern Wine & Spirits of New York, where David served in a senior management position, and which is a division of Southern Wine & Spirits of America (now Southern Glazer’s), the country’s largest wine and spirits distributor.

David is a graduate of the University of Houston, with a Business Degree in Hospitality. David lives in New York City with his two children.


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