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Antoine De La Farge L' Enfant Rebelle Sauvignon Blanc 2021

ANTOINE DE LA FARGE: Antoine's grandfather, Gerard Clément, was one of the most respected winemakers in the region and a founder of the 'Menetou-Salon' appellation. He is still present on the family domain and for Antoine he was and still is a great inspiration. He started his career in a wine shop and later became a top buyer for one of France's largest wine merchants. Here he was given the opportunity to expand his knowledge enormously and gain international experience (ex. in Australia).

After 12 years in wine retail, he returned to the domain in 2012 to put all that experience into practice. As a winemaker, Antoine feels every wine must be a natural reflection of its soil, requiring sustainable agriculture. To achieve this, Antoine does not manipulate the wine. That is why all grapes are picked by hand, only gravity is used and no yeasts are added to initiate the fermentation. His wines therefore constantly win prizes!

Pale golden yellow color with light green hues. Subtle and luscious nose with hints of candied lemon, white flowers, grapefruit and a hint of Granny Smith. On the palate, the citrus notes are confirmed and mix with more exotic notes such as pineapple and peach. The finish is lively and wonderfully soft and pleasant despite its toughness. Silver Wine Winner @ International Wine Challange 2015. 100% Sauvignon Blanc.

Warm temperate climate with few dry periods. This is true even for the driest month. The average temperature is 10.4 ° C. There is an average of 753 mm of rain per year.

Calcareous soil with lots of marl and shells. The famous Kimmeridgiens.

First selection on the field. 65 hl / ha. 100% Sauvignon. Slow, gentle pressing, after which a classic temperature-controlled vinification is started. Then the wine continues to age on its lees for 3 months with regular batonage. It is bottled in the spring of the following year.




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