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Domaine de Rocheville Le Page Cabernet Franc

Domaine de Rocheville is located on the limestone escarpment of the south bank of the Loire River. The estate lies in the heart of small Saumur Champigny Appellation. Philippe Porché founded the estate with his wife Agnès in 2005, however, the vines are over 35 years old on average. The estate produces two noble varieties: Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc.

Domaine de Rocheville is an independent family grower and winemaker in the Loire Valley, near Saumur. We produce charming and generous dry Chenin Blanc and lively to profound Cabernet Franc , AB ( = Organic), certified since vintage 2019, sustainably grown and vinified.( AOP Saumur & Saumur Champigny)

Our wines are regularly awarded in international wine contests and French wines guides.

Domaine de Rocheville Le Page is a fruity and lively Cabernet Franc, vinified at low temperature and aged 9 to 12 months in stainless steel vats. Le Page captures hearts with its fresh, well-balanced and palatable personality.

All Domaine de Rocheville vineyards and wines follow sustainable growing practices, the vines are cared and trained to respect the natural needs of the plant as much as possible. Grass is allowed to grow in the rows to encourage the vine roots to reach deep down into the limestone rock.

Hedges have been planted to favour biodiversity and natural defense through «good» insects and healthy, living soils. Since 2011 Domaine de Rocheville is certified Terra Vitis®, an acknowledged independent label for sustainable winemaking.

The rule at Rocheville is to hand - harvest the grapes at their perfect stage of ripeness. Since October 2013 a new winery combines state of the art technology for vinifications and traditional way of ageing for one of the best tasting experience for Loire Valley wines.

The range of wines is built as a family: each character from ”LeTroubadour” to ”Le Fou du Roi” having its very own personality, yet sharing many common features with the others. The most important of these features being the quality of the wine, which is recognized by many awards and press distinctions each year.




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