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East London Single Malt TK

Packed to the rafters with the East London characteristics our whisky is now known for, our 96-120 hour open top fermentation process brings all sorts of banana and clove to the party.

Using a double-pot still, before being aged in virgin American, regenerated Sherry, and Kentucky bourbon casks, this Single Malt is the kind of fighting spirit that's worth standing up for.

We broke the rules when it came to distilling it and we’ve proved the sceptics wrong when it came to making life affirming whisky in the heart of the East End. Now, it's over to you. Whether it's a boiler maker or highball, in a tumbler or a teacup, this is your whisky to drink your way.

Mash Bill: 100% Malted barley
Distillation: Double Pot Still
Fermentation length: 96 hours
Yeast: M-1 whisky yeast & Be-134 saison GR2 yeast & abbaye
Aged in: Regenerated oak, new American oak, ex-bourbon
ABV: 47%

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