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Fattoria Daniella

The Dianella wines tradition dates back to the end of 1700, as stated in the works of the poet Renato Fucini, who lived his life on the Estate. Since 1900 the Chianti Dianella is known all over Italy and present on the tables of the most famous taverns and restaurants. Moreover during the 1960s, the Chianti Dianella was offered by the Italian President Mr. Gronchi in the menu of the official reception at the Quirinale, the Italian Presidential Residence in Rome.

The vineyards, 25 hectares, all recently converted to organic farming, have an average density of 5,500 plants per hectare and a spur cordon training system. The current selection of grapes includes: Sangiovese, together with Colorino and Malvasia from Chianti; as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Vermentino and Trebbiano.

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