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Ocucaje Achalado

Achalado Pisco results from an assemblage balanced between Pisco Pure Quebranta and Pisco Italia adding each of its flavors to create a new and innovating one: Acholado!

Its appearance is clear and brilliant; on the nose it is fine with notes from yellow fruits to citrus and has a persistent tropical finish.

On the palate, it is pleasant, complex and diverting with a large diversity of flavors. It is persistent and ideal on the rocks or in classic cocktails


  • International Wine Spirit Competition (June 2008) - Medalla de Plata (Best in Class)
  • Concurso Internacional de Vinos Vinandino(August 2007) - Medalla de Oro
  • Concourse Mondial (April 2006) - Medalla de Oro

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