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Domaine Roland Tissier Les Genêts Sancerre

The Roland Tissier Les Genêts Sancerre Blanc Tradition is grown on a limestone clay terroir, with overlaying limestone and flint, and planted with vines of an average of 30 years.

Full of finesse, this wine shows fruity (citrus) aromas, floral (white flowers) with a touch of minerality. The size of the Les Genêts vineyards is 28 acres.

Domaine Roland Tissier and Sons is based in Sancerre in the Loire Valley. Winegrowers for 3 generations, the family Tissier grows vines over 11 hectares, of which 80% are Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Pinot Noir.

In 1972, Roland Tissier took over the vines from his father and his father-in-law to make only one farm. After working several years with their father, Rodolphe and Florent took over the head of the vineyard.

In 2004, a new cellar was built not far from downtown Sancerre to increase production in bottles and to offer a more accessible point of sale. Our production is mainly composed of white Sancerre, but you are also looking for Sancerre red and rosé.

Located at 310m altitude on a remote mountain, the village of Sancerre dominates the Loire and a vast vineyard known since the Middle Ages. A network of hills extends over 14 communes, with soil perfectly adapted to viticulture, well oriented and protected.
The Sancerre white comes from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, it blooms in fresh, young and fruity whites, which take on different shades depending on the type of soil. The red, produced from the Pinot Noir grape variety, expresses itself in soft and subtle rosés or in light and fragrant reds.




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