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Vignobles Vellas Enfant Infernal Petite Syrah

The Vellas Vineyards, a family story that began 4 generations ago in the heart of the Languedoc appellations.

The main family property, the Mas du Pont Estate, the center of our activities, is a place of culture and traditions, around the vineyard, wine, gastronomy and the bulls. It is located in the towns of Teyran and Crès, near Montpellier, between Pic St Loup and the Mediterranean Sea. On the estate you can discover the vineyard, the tasting cellar, the Vellas Manade with the bulls of the Camargue, a theater, a gourmet restaurant, an equestrian center, gites and a large room for your events…

At all times, our family has maintained a fusional relationship between the agricultural trades – with over 1000 hectares of cereals, pasture and olive groves, a breeding of 500 bulls and horses from the Camargue – and the Vineyard – with a vineyard of 120 hectares.

Respect for our land and the environment is part of our way of life. That’s why the majority of our vineyards are organic.

Vin de France

100% Petite Syrah.

Petite Syrah wine comes from the Petite Syrah grape, a darkskinned beauty that grows in dense clusters on the vine. This grape is small in size but big in flavor.

The Petite Syrah grape is the off spring of two French grapes Syrah and Peloursin. Both of the parent varietals come from the Rhone-Alpes region.

Compared to Syrah, Petite Syrah grapes are quite small, and are deeper in color. They produce a dark purple, tooth-staining wine with bold tannins and acidity.

As mentioned earlier, Petite Syrah may be a small grape, but its fl avor is anything but small. A good description of Petite Syrah wine would be: big, bold and memorable. This wine has a full body and a mouthfeel that is often described as chewy and intense. It
will perfectly fine Mediterranean tapas, white and red meat, aged cheese and chocolate.



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